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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976Lanthanide induced shifts as an aid in the structural determination of eusiderinsBraz F, Raimundo; Mourão, Jamil C.; Gottlieb, Otto Richard; Maia, José Guilherme Soares
1976Oxoaporphine alkaloids from Fusea longifolia and Siparuna guianensisFo, Raimundo Braz; Gabriel, Sonia J.; Gomes, Ceres M.R.; Gottlieb, Otto Richard; Bichara, Maria das G.A.; Maia, José Guilherme Soares
1976Neolignans from Virola carinataGottlieb, Otto Richard; Maia, José Guilherme Soares; De, Mabel Nilce
1976Onychine, an alkaloid from Onychopetalum amazonicumAlmeida, Maria Elita L. de; Braz F, Raimundo; von Bülow, Vittoria; Gottlieb, Otto Richard; Maia, José Guilherme Soares
1976Two new species of Amazonian LecythidaceaePrance, Ghillean Tolmie; Anderson, Anthony B.
1976Isoflavones from Virola caducifoliaFo, Raimundo Braz; Pedreira, Gentil; Gottlieb, Otto Richard; Maia, José Guilherme Soares
1976Tri-O-methylgalangin from Aniba ripariaFranca, Nídia Cavalcanti; Gottlieb, Otto R.; Magalhães, Mauro Taveira; Mendes, Paulo Henriques; Maia, José Guilherme Soares; Silva, Miriam Leão da; E Gottlieb, Hugo
1976A technique to mark insects.Tadei, Wanderli Pedro; Mourão, Celso A
1976Two new locality records, a new habitat and a nest description for Xeromys myoides Thomas (Rodentia Muridae).Magnusson, William Ernest; Webb, G J W; Taylor, J A
1976Neolignanas de Endlicheria verticilataGottlieb, Otto Richard; Filho, Raimundo Braz; Maia, José Guilherme; Figliuolo, Roberto