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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986You Can Set Drift Fences In The CanopyVogt, Richard Carl
1986Claudius AngustatusVogt, Richard Carl
1983Temperature controlled sex determination in the sea turtle Lepidochelys olivacear (Testudines, Chlonidae)Mccoy, C J; Vogt, Richard Carl; Censky, E J
1988Food partitioning in a neotropical freshwater turtle communityVogt, Richard Carl; Guzman, Salvador Guzman
1981Predation of turtle eggs (Graptemys:Emydidae) by fly larvae (Sarcophagidae:Diptera).Vogt, Richard Carl
1980New methods for trapping aquatic turtlesVogt, Richard Carl
1982Incubation temperature influences sex determination in kionsternid turtlesVogt, Richard Carl; Bull, J J; Mccoy, C J; Houseal, T W
1985Nontemperature sex determination in two suborders of turtlesVogt, Richard Carl; Legler, J M; Bull, J J
1982Genetic sex determination in Trionyx spiniferus?Vogt, Richard Carl; Bull, J J
1981Food partitioning among three species of GraptemysVogt, Richard Carl