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1984Mycoflora of the human dermal surfacesMok, Waiyin; Silva, M. S.B. da
1984The Effect Of Income And Length Of Urban Residence On Food Patterns, Food Intake And Nutrient Adequacy In An Amazonian Peri-Urban Slum PopulationMello Amorozo, Maria Christina de; Shrimpton, Roger
1984The volterra competition equations with resource - Independent growth coefficients and discussion on their biological and biophysical implicationsWalker, Ilse
1984Nutrient addition experiments in Lago Jacaretinga, Central Amazon, Brazil: 2. The effect of humic and fulvic acidsDevol, Allan H.; Santos, Antonio dos; Forsberg, Bruce Rider; Zaret, Thomas M.
1984Roads in Rondônia: Highway Construction and the Farce of Unprotected Reserves in Brazil's Amazonian ForestFearnside, Philip Martin; Lima Ferreira, Gabriel de
1984Ecological Research Reserve for Brazil's Amazon rain-forest established in Ouro Preto do Oeste, RondôniaFearnside, Philip Martin
1984Brazil's Amazon settlement schemes. Conflicting objectives and human carrying capacityFearnside, Philip Martin
1984Eddy correlation measurements of energy partition for Amazonian forestShuttleworth, William James; Gash, John H.C.; Lloyd, Colin R.; Moore, Christopher J.; Roberts, John M.; Filho, Ari de O Marques; Fisch, Gilberto Fernando; Paula Silva Filho, Vicente de; Ribeiro, Maria de Nazaré Góes; Molion, Luiz Carlos Baldicero; Abreu Sá, Leonardo Deane de; Nobre, Carlos Afonso; Cabral, Osvaldo M.R.; Patel, Sukaran Ram; Carvalho de Moraes, J.
1984Peach palm (Bactris gasipaes H.B.K.), a new source of vegetable oil from the wet tropicsArkcoll, David B.; Aguiar, Jaime Paiva Lopes
1984Mixing patterns in Amazon lakesTundisi, Joseand? Galízia; Forsberg, Bruce Rider; Devol, Allan H.; Zaret, Thomas M.; Tundisi, Takako Matsumura; Santos, Antonio dos; Ribeiro, Jorge S.; Hardy, Elsa Rodrigues