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1985Habitat selection, parasites and injuries in Amazonian crocodilians.Magnusson, William Ernest
1985A parasitic copepod, Perulernaea gamitanae gen. et sp.nov. ( Cyclopoida: Lernaeidae), from the nasal fossae of a Peruvian Amazon food fish.Thatcher, Vernon E.; Paredes, V.
1982Neotropical Prosimuliinae ( Diptera: Simuliidae). I - Kempfsimulium V. Py-Daniel & J.A. Nunes de Mello n. gen.; K. simplicicolor (Lutz, 1910) n. comb.; Lutzsimulium flavopubescens (Lutz, 1910) n. comb.; Mayacnephia muzquiscensis (Diaz Najera, 1971) n. comb.).Py-Daniel, Victor
1986Experiments on colonization of small water bodies by Culicidae and Chironomidae as a function of decomposing plant substrates and their implications for natural Amazonian ecosystems.Walker, Ilse
1986The trophic status of the fish fauna in Lago Camaleao, a macrophyte dominated floodplain lake in the middle Amazon.Soares, Maria Gercilia Mota; Almeida, R. G.; Junk, Wolfgang Johannes
1984Biological and ecophysiological aspects of Curimata (Potamorhina) pristigaster, a neotropical characine).Carvalho, F. M.
1984The fish fauna of Curua-Una reservoir, Santarem, Para. II - food and feeding habits of the main species).Gondim Ferreira, E. J.
1983Description of two new neotropical subgenera of Simuliidae; Diptera- Culicomorpha).Py-Daniel, Victor
1988A Catalogue of Type Specimens of Crustacea In The Invertebrate Collection of The Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil, Up To January, 1988.Magalhães, Célio Ubirajara; Malta, Jose Celso de Oliveira; Robertson, Barbara; Varella, Angela Maria Bezerra
1986Amazunculus, a new genus of pipunculid from Amazon Basin (Diptera: Pipunculidae).Rafael, José Albertino