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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Shifts in dominance and species assemblages over two decades in alternative successions in central AmazoniaLongworth, J. Benjamin; Mesquita, Rita de Cássia Guimarães; Bentos, Tony Vizcarra; Moreira, Marcelo P.; Massoca, Paulo E.S.; Williamson, G. Bruce
2014Multiple environmental controls on cockroach assemblage structure in a tropical rain forestTarli, Vitor Dias; Pequeno, Pedro Aurélio Costa Lima; Franklin, E.; Morais, José Wellington; Souza, Jorge Luiz Pereira; Oliveira, Adriano H C; Guilherme, Diego Rodrigues
2014Fire damage in seasonally flooded and upland forests of the Central AmazonResende, Angélica Faria de; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Flores, Bernardo Monteiro; Almeida, Danilo Roberti Alves de
2014Local hydrological conditions explain floristic composition in lowland amazonian forestsMoulatlet, Gabriel M.; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Rennó, Camilo Daleles; Emilio, Thaise; Schietti, Juliana
2014Non-timber forest product harvest does not affect the genetic diversity of a tropical tree despite negative effects on population fitnessGaoué, Orou Gandé; Lemes, Maristerra R.; Ticktin, Tamara; Sinsin, Brice Augustin; Eyog-Matig, Oscar
2014Phyllostomid Bat Assemblage Structure in Amazonian Flooded and Unflooded ForestsBobrowiec, Paulo Estefano Dineli; Rosa, Leonardo dos Santos; Gazarini, Janaina; Haugaasen, Torbjørn
2014Responses of primates to landscape change in amazonian land-bridge islands-a multi-scale analysisBenchimol, Maíra; Venticinque, Eduardo Martins