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2008Description of two new species of Tonnoira Enderlein from caves in the Brazilian Amazon and comments about the taxonomic status of Tonnoira plumaria Quate (Diptera, Psychodidae, Psychodinae)Bravo, Freddy; Chagas, Cinthia; Alves, Veracilda Ribeiro
2008Two new species of Culex subgenus Melanoconion (Diptera: Culicidae) from the Amazon forestHutchings, Rosa Sá Gomes; Sallum, Maria Anice Mubeb
2008Polytene chromosomes of Simulium (Psaroniocompsa) daltanhani (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Central Amazonia, BrazilHamada, Neusa; Pereira, Eleny da Silva; Adler, Peter H.
2008Revision of the Neotropical genus Lactistomyia Melander (Diptera, Hybotidae, Hybotinae)Ale-Rocha, Rosaly
2008Description of immature stages and adult diagnosis of Stilobezzia coquilletti Kieffer 1917 (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)Ronderos, María Marcela; Cazorla, Carla G.; Spinelli, Gustavo Ricardo; Carrasco, Daiane Silveira
2008Leporinus amazonicus, a new anostomid species from the Amazon lowlands, Brazil (Osteichthyes: Characiformes)Santos, Geraldo Mendes dos; Zuanon, Jansen
2008Three new species, new records and notes on the nursery-web spider genus Architis in Brazil (Araneae: Pisauridae)Santos, Adalberto J.; Nogueira, André A.
2008Immature stages of two species of Evandromyia (Aldamyia) and the systematic importance of larval mouthparts within Psychodidae (Diptera, Phlebotominae, Psychodinae)Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costa; Feitosa, Marlisson Augusto Costa; Castellón-Bermúdez, Eloy Guillermo; Ríos-Velásquez, Cláudia María; Ward, Richard Douglas
2008Description of the last-instar larva and pupa and the bionomics of Smicridea (Smicridea) truncata Flint (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) in Central Amazonia, BrazilPes, A. M.; Hamada, Neusa; Soares, Carlos Augusto Gomes
2008Taxonomic review of Neorhinotora Lopes 1934 (Diptera, Heleomyzidae)Almeida, Julia Calhau; Ale-Rocha, Rosaly