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2014A new species of Endecous Saussure, 1878 (Orthoptera, Gryllidae) from northeast Brazil with the first X1X20 chromosomal sex system in GryllidaeZefa, Edison; Redü, Darlan Rutz; Costa, Maria Kátia Matiotti da; Fontanetti, C. S.; Gottschalk, Marco Silva; Padilha, Giovanna Boff; Silva, Anelise Fernandes E; Martins, Luciano Pinho de
2015Redescription of Argizala brasiliensis Walker, 1869 (Orthoptera: Grylloidea: Trigonidiidae: Nemobiinae: Pteronemobiini) and consideration of its morphological proximity to other Pteronemobiini Nearctic generaPereira, Marcelo Ribeiro; Martins, Luciano Pinho de; Fernandes, Maria Luiza; Zefa, Edison; Sperber, Carlos Frankl
2015A new species of tree crickets Oecanthus (Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Oecanthinae) in tobacco plantation from Southern Brazil, with body color variationMilach, Elisa Machado; Martins, Luciano Pinho de; Costa, Maria Kátia Matiotti da; Gottschalk, Marco Silva; Oliveira, Gabriel Lobregat de; Redü, Darlan Rutz; Neutzling, Alexandre Schneid; Dornelles, José Eduardo Figueiredo; Vasconcellos, Lucas Azevedo; Zefa, Edison
2016New species of tree cricket Oecanthus Serville, 1831 (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Oecanthinae) from Reserva Natural Vale, Espírito Santo, Brazil, with chromosome complementMilach, Elisa Machado; Costa, Maria Kátia Matiotti da; Martins, Luciano Pinho de; Nunes, Lorena A.; Silva, Daniela Santos Martins; Garcia, F. R.M.; Oliveira, Elliott Centeno de; Zefa, Edison
2013First record of the genera Luzarida Hebard, 1928 and Luzaridella Desutter-Grandcolas, 1992 (Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Phalangopsinae) from Brazil, including a new species and description of the female of Luzarida lata Gorochov, 2011De, Luciano; Silva, Luciene G. da; Henriques, Augusto Loureiro; Zefa, Edison
2014Two new species of Hygronemobius Hebard, 1913 (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Nemobiinae) from Brazilian AmazonMartins, Luciano Pinho de; Pereira, Marcelo Ribeiro; Henriques, Augusto Loureiro; Zefa, Edison
2014A new Neotropical genus of Ommatolampidinae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea: Acrididae) from Brazilian Atlantic Forest, with chromosome complementCosta, Maria Kátia Matiotti da; Pereira, Marcelo Ribeiro; Redü, Darlan Rutz; Martins, Luciano Pinho de; Zefa, Edison
2014Expanding the geographic cytogenetic studies in the bush crickets Eneoptera surinamensis (De Geer, 1773) (Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Eneopterinae) from Brazilian Atlantic and Amazon ForestZefa, Edison; Cordeiro, Juliana; Blauth, Monica Laner; Rocha, Marla Piumbini; Silva, Anelise Fernandes E; Costa, Maria Kátia Matiotti da; Martins, Luciano Pinho de