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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Carbonic Anhydrase: A Multigene-Multifunctional EnzymeVal, Adalberto Luis
1999Paracoccidioides brasiliensis isolated from armadillos is virulent to Syrian hamstersPera?oli, Maria Terezinha Serrão; Sugizaki, Maria Fátima; Mendes, Rinaldo Pôncio; Naiff, Roberto Daibes; Montenegro, Mário Rubens Guimarães
1998Incrimination of Lutzomyia cruzi as a vector of American Visceral Leishmaniasisdos Santos, Soraya Oliveira; Arias, Jorge Ramon; Ribeiro, Ari Alves; Paiva Hoffmann, Marta de; Freitas, Rui Alves de; Malacco, Marcos Aurélio Fulgêncio
1996Effect of supplementation with peach palm as source of vitamin A: Study with ratsYuyama, Lucia Kiyoko Ozaki; Cozzolino, Sílvia Maria Franciscato
1996Patterns of nucleotide change in mitochondrial ribosomal RNA genes and the phylogeny of piranhasOrti, Guillermo; Petry, Paulo; Porto, Jorge Ivan Rebelo; Jegú, Michel; Meyer, Axel
1996New records of Histoplasma capsulatum from wild animals in the Brazilian amazonNaiff, Roberto Daibes; Barrett, Toby Vincent; Naiff, Maricleide de Farias; Ferreira, Luís Carlos de Lima; Arias, Jorge Ramon
1999Crude oil exposure affects air-breathing frequency, blood phosphate levels and ion regulation in an air-breathing teleost fish, Hoplosternum littoraleBrauner, Colin John; Ballantyne, C. L.; Vijayan, Mathilakath M.; Val, Adalberto Luis
1998Oscars, astronotus ocellatus, have a dietary requirement for vitamin CFracalossi, Débora Machado; Allen, Mary E.; Nichols, Donald K.; Oftedal, Olav T.
1998Effects of water pH and calcium concentration on ion balance in fish of the Rio Negro, AmazonGonzalez, Richard J.; Wood, Chris M.; Wilson, Rod W.; Patrick, Marjorie L.; Bergman, Harold L.; Narahara, Annie B.; Val, Adalberto Luis
1996Interaction of zinc and vitamin A in rats receiving a regional diet of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. Effect of supplementation with vitamin A, zinc and zinc and vitamin AYuyama, Lucia Kiyoko Ozaki; Cozzolino, Sílvia Maria Franciscato