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1998Intraspecific Variation in Phenology in Relation to Flooding Duration in Eschweilera parvifolia (Lecythidaceae) in Central Amazonian Floodplain ForestFerreira, Leandro Valle
1999The effects of clearcutting of Eucalyptus plantation on the water balance, water quality and soil and nutrient losses in a small catchmentVital, Ana Rosa Tundis; Lima, Walter de Paula; Camargo, Fausto Rodrigues Alves de
1999Systematic biology of gymnotiform and mormyriform electric fishes: Phylogenetic relationships, molecular clocks and rates of evolution in the mitochondrial rRNA genesAlves-Gomes, José Antônio
1999Richness of termite genera in a semi-arid region (Sertão) in NE Brazil (Isoptera)Martius, Christopher; Tabosa, W. A F; Bandeira, Adelmar Gomes; Amelung, Wulf
1997Carbonic Anhydrase: A Multigene-Multifunctional EnzymeVal, Adalberto Luis
1999Paracoccidioides brasiliensis isolated from armadillos is virulent to Syrian hamstersPera?oli, Maria Terezinha Serrão; Sugizaki, Maria Fátima; Mendes, Rinaldo Pôncio; Naiff, Roberto Daibes; Montenegro, Mário Rubens Guimarães
1999Leaf-fungal incidence and herbivory on tree seedlings in tropical rainforest fragments: An experimental studyBenítez-Malvido, Julieta; García-Guzmán, Graciela; Ferraz, Isolde Dorothea Kossmann
1999Responses of woody plant seedlings to edge formation in a lowland tropical rainforest, AmazoniaSizer, Nigel C.; Tanner, Edmund Vincent John
1999Effect of surrounding vegetation on edge-related tree mortality in Amazonian forest fragmentsMesquita, Rita de Cássia Guimarães; Delamônica, Patricia; Laurance, William F.
1999Lethal Temperatures for Silver Catfish, Rhamdia quelen, FingerlingsChippari-Gomes, Adriana Regina; Gomes, Levy de Carvalho; Baldisserotto, Bernardo