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Título: Ecology of a community of mammals in a seasonally dry forest in Roraima, Brazilian Amazonia.
Autor(es): Antonio Rossano Mendes Pontes
Assunto: Mammalian Community
ISSN: 0044-3468
Revista: Zeitschrift für Saeugetierkunde
Volume: 69
Resumo: A community of middle-sized and larger mammals was studied in a seasonally dry forest in the far north of the Brazilian Amazon. Diurnal and nocturnal surveys were carried out through the linetransect method, in 5 different forest types along a 10-km transect. Data were collected an density, biomass, and use of the forest types, and forest strata by the mammals. The terrestrial community of mammals was more abundant than the arboreal one, with ungulates contributing to the bulk of the biomass, as a result of Maracá being highly seasonal Overall densities were lower than in other sites in the neotropics, varying from 90.2 ind/km2 in mixed forest, to 159.9 ind/km2 in Terra Firme forest, whereas biomass, due to the contribution of large mammals, was much higher (2613.2 kg/km2 in mixed forest, and 4351.6 kg/km2 in Terra Firme forest). This study confirms that the animals surviving in larger numbers in these highly seasonal forests, where food productivity may be very low during the dry season, are those that have larger home ranges and travel longer distances in search of food.
ISSN: 0044-3468
Local de publicação: Alemanha
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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