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Título: Stable karyotypes: a general rule for the fish of the family Prochilodontidae?
Autor(es): Maria Leandra Terencio
Carlos Henrique Schneider
Maria Claudia Gross
Vicari, Marcelo Ricardo
Eliana Feldberg
Assunto: fluorescent in situ hybridization
Amazon Basin
ISSN: 0018-8158
Revista: Hydrobiologia (The Hague. Print)
Resumo: Cytogenetic studies involving the family Prochilodontidae have shown that these fish can be characterized by a constant diploid number and a conserved karyotypic macrostructure. This study focused on comparative physical chromosomal mapping using 18S and 5S rDNA to compare the species Semaprochilodus insignis and S. taeniurus. Our results indicated the conservation of large number of conventional chromosomal markers. The molecular cytogenetic analyses of the location of the 18S rDNA indicated the maintenance of a chromosome pair bearing these sites in both species analyzed, and it appears to be a conserved character among the majority of the species of this family. The stability of the number of 5S ribosomal DNA sites and their chromosomal localization as has been reported for the Prochilodontidae was not, however, confirmed for S. insignis and S. taeniurus, as these species showed multiple specific rDNA 5S sites. As such, and in spite of the fact that a number of studies indicate that the family Prochilodontidae has a conserved karyotypic structure, the utilization of molecular tools that use chromosomal segments as markers revealed that this presumed stability cannot be extended to the genome level for the species S. insignis and S. taeniurus.
ISSN: 0018-8158
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