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Título: Systematics of Oukuriella Epler, 1986, including a revision of the species associated with freshwater sponges
Autor(es): Lívia Maria Fusari
Fábio de Oliveira Roque
Neusa Hamada
Assunto: Chironomidae
Insetos aquáticos
ISSN: 1399-560X
Revista: Insect Systematics & Evolution
Volume: 45
Resumo: Oukuriella has been recorded only in the Neotropical region. Larvae of some species of the genus have associations with freshwater sponges and immersed wood. In this study we performed a phylogenetic analysis to test the hypothesis that species that inhabit freshwater sponges form a monophyletic group. Including the six species described here, the number of species in the genus now is 21. Our findings do not support the subgroups previously proposed within Oukuriella based on the morphology of adult males. The most parsimonious cladograms obtained indicate that Oukuriella is a monophyletic group and the inhabitants of freshwater sponges form a monophyletic group within Oukuriella.
ISSN: 1399-560X
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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