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Título: Karyological evidence for a cryptic species of piranha within Serrasalmus rhombeus (Characidae, Serrasalminae) in the Amazon
Autor(es): Celeste Mutuko Nakayama
Michel Jégu
Eliana Feldberg
Jorge Ivan Rebelo Porto
Assunto: Cariótipo
ISSN: 0045-8511
Revista: Copeia
Volume: 101
Resumo: Cytogenetic data obtained for Serrasalmus rhombeus revealed two cytotypes (cytotype 1 and cytotype 2) at four sampling sites. Cytotype 1 consists of 2n=60, 20M+24SM+6ST+10A and was detected in specimens from Negro River (Anavilhanas Islands), Solimoes River (Calmaleao Lake), confluence of Negro and Solimoes Rivers (Catalao Lake), and Uatuma River. Cytotype 2 consists of 2n=58, 22M+24SM+2ST+10A and was detected in specimens from Catalao and Camaleao Lakes. In Cytotype 2, the first chromosome pair was almost twice the size of second pair, and the constitutive heterochromatin pattern of each cytotype is distinct. The two cytotypes occurred sympatrically at Catalao and Camaleao Lakes, and no intermediates between the cytotypes were detected, suggesting each cytotype represents a different fish species.
ISSN: 0045-8511
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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