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Título: Leaf litter fungi in a central Amazonian forest: the influence of rainfall, soil and topography on the distribution of fruiting bodies.
Autor(es): Ricardo Braga-Neto
Regina Luizão
William Ernest Magnusson
Gabriela Zuquim
Carolina Volkmer de Castilho
ISSN: 0960-3115
Revista: Biodiversity and Conservation
Volume: 17
Resumo: Fungi are important components of tropical ecosystems, especially in the recycling of nutrients. However, there is little information on how fungal diversity is structured at scales suitable to plan their conservation. We tested if the distribution of fruiting bodies of litter fungi was random in the landscape (over 25 km(2)) in a tropical evergreen forest in Central Amazonia. We used linear regressions to evaluate the influence of rainfall, soil characteristics and topography on morphospecies richness and composition. Fungi were collected twice in thirty 0.25 x 250 m plots. Short-term rainfall was represented by the cumulative rainfall in the three days before each plot was surveyed. Plots were classified in two groups based on cumulative rainfall. Clay content in soil and rainfall influenced morphospecies richness, but responses to edaphic factors depended on rainfall. Wetter periods apparently decreased limiting moisture conditions in higher areas, allowing fungal activity and fruiting body production. Morphospecies composition was influenced by clay content, but influence on fungi was probably indirect as clay content was correlated with altitude, plant community and nitrogen availability. Our results suggest that the species of litter fungi are not randomly distributed in the landscape. Furthermore, they indicate that it is viable to conduct mesoscale evaluations of fungal diversity, if the temporal and spatial variation and their interaction are taken into account.
ISSN: 0960-3115
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