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Título: About the relationship between the zooplancton and fluctuating water levels of Lago Camaleão, a central Amazonian varzea lake
Autor(es): Walter Koste
Elsa Rodrigues Hardy
Barbara Ann Robertson
Assunto: lago de varzea zooplancton ecologia
ISSN: 0065-6755
Revista: Amazoniana
Volume: 9
Resumo: A two-year study of the composition and abundance of the zooplankton was conducted in an Amazonianvárzea lake, Lago Camaleão. Rotifers were dominant in terms of both species numbers and density.The extrernely low standing-stock observed during the high water period is attributed to pre-vailingpoor oxygen conditions and, during extreme floods, current. The species associations of rotifers a1soreflect the flooding regime and its consequences.
ISSN: 0065-6755
Local de publicação: Alemanha
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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