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Título: Energy flux partioning over the Amazon forest
Autor(es): Leonardo Deane de Abreu Sá
Antonio Ocimar Manzi
ISSN: 0177-798X
Revista: Theoretical and Applied Climatology
Volume: 39
Resumo: The present study involved determination of the experimental energy receipt partitioning over the tropical Amazon forest. Diurnal variation of net radiation (Q *), sensible heat flux (Q H) and latent heat flux (Q E) is presented. The daytimeQ E is in phase withQ * and it is always an important term in the energy balance. The daily averagedQ E is 59 to 100% of the dailyQ * whereasQ H is 5 to 28% at the Amazon forest site (2° 57′ S; 59° 57′ W) for the sample periods. The results present evidence thatQ E over the Amazon forest is greater thanQ * in the afternoon hours. The role of sensible heat advection in maintaining largeQ E over the forest surface is discussed. Hourly Bowen ratio (β) values for two campaigns of the Amazon forest micrometeorological experiment are presented. During daylight hours, the differences inβ are not significant, and exhibit a systematic pattern. The only time that the variation in Bowen ratio increased significantly was at sunrise and sunset when the thermal structure of the air was changing from a strong inversion to lapse and vice versa. The diurnalβ values changed from −3.50 to 0.85. The mean hourlyβ calculated from values from 07.00 to 16.00 h, varied from 0.05 to 0.85.
ISSN: 0177-798X
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