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dc.contributor.authorAline Lopes
dc.contributor.authorFERREIRA, AURÉLIA BENTES
dc.contributor.authorPANTOJA, PAULINE OLIVEIRA
dc.contributor.authorPia Parolin
dc.contributor.authorMaria Teresa Fernandez Piedade
dc.description.abstractIPCC predictions indicate an increase in temperatures by 1.5–7°C in some Amazonian regions during the twenty-first century. These changes could disrupt the present distribution patterns of organisms, including wetland plant species. In this work, we determined in microcosms the effects of scenarios combining elevated temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentration on the germination and initial growth of the arborescent Amazonian aquatic macrophyte Montrichardia arborescens. Seeds were germinated, and seedlings produced were monitored over a 5-month period in four microcosms: Control: ambient temperature and CO2 level; Mild: Control + 1.5°C and + 200 ppm CO2; intermediate: control + 2.5°C and + 400 ppm CO2; Extreme: Control + 4.5°C and + 850 ppm of CO2. Rapid light response curves and Fv/Fm values taken in seedlings showed a decrease in electron transportation rate with CO2 and temperature elevation. Mild and Intermediate treatments stimulated biomass production; Extreme treatment and Control produced similar results. The severe climatic changes expected in the future may negatively influence carbon accumulation in M. arborescens. Since aquatic macrophytes in Amazonian wetlands and wetlands worldwide are key plant species, further studies are needed to predict their fate in a global change perspective.
dc.titleCombined effect of elevated CO2 level and temperature on germination and initial growth of Montrichardia arborescens (L.) Schott (Araceae): a microcosm experiment
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