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Título: Natural forest disturbance and change in the Brazilian Amazon
Autor(es): Bruce Walker Nelson
ISSN: 0275-7257
Revista: Remote Sensing Reviews
Volume: 10
Resumo: Landsat Thematic Mapper images covering the entire 3.9 million km2 of forested Brazilian Amazon reveal natural change and disturbance occurring on a scale of decades to centuries. These include: 92,000 km2 of bamboo forests undergoing synchronous mortality and regrowth; 1500 km2 of recently active dune fields; 900 km2 of recent downburst blowdowns; > 500 km of recent forest fire scars; and an unknown area of forest mortality from flooding of high ground and alluvial forests. Fire subclimax fern savannas created by Yanoama Indians cover an additional 600 km2. Natural and indigenous disturbances and synchronized phenologies are therefore responsible for a dynamic spectral bahavior in large portions of the Amazon Basin. Disturbances and disturbance indicators not easily detected include blowdown sites > 30 yrs old, blowdowns < 30 hectares in size, liana forests and babassu palm forests.
ISSN: 0275-7257
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Dinâmica Ambiental (CDAM)

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