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Título: Annual variation of activity and daily distances moved in adult spur-tighed tortoises, Testudo graeca, in Southwestern Spain
Autor(es): Carmen Díaz Paniagua
Cláudia Keller
Ana Andreu
ISSN: 0018-0831
Revista: Herpetologica (Austin, TX)
Volume: 51
Resumo: We studied the activity patterns of Testudo graeca over 2 yr using the method of thread trailing on 131 individuals. The tortoises were active for about half of the year and exhibited a bimodal annual activity pattern, with well defined aestivation and hibernation periods. Daily distances moved averaged about 50 m/day throughout the year, the maximum distances being 1019 m/day for males and 316 m/day for females. There were temporal differences between male and female activity patterns, consisting of an earlier emergence of males from hibernation and a delay in entering aestivation of females. Tortoises were active mainly on non-rainy days with maximum temperature ranging from 20-30 C, minimum temperature from 6.5-15 C, relative humidity from 35-75%, and accumulated radiation from 24-42 kw/cm2. However, tortoises were also active under much more extreme values. Female activity was more dependent on exogenous factors while males showed a stronger response to endogenous factors. In both sexes, the largest distances moved were related with the reproductive cycle, constraining tortoises to phases of activity under suboptimal environmental conditions: males at the beginning of courtship in late winter and females in the post-nesting recovery phase in early summer.
ISSN: 0018-0831
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