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Título: Esterase-D and chromosome patterns in Central Amazon piranha(Serrasalmus rhombeus Linnaeus, 1766) from Lake Catalão
Autor(es): Aylton Saturnino Teixeira
Celeste Mutuko Nakayama
Eliana Feldberg
Jorge Ivan Rebelo Porto
Assunto: Amazônia
ISSN: 1415-4757
Revista: Genetics and Molecular Biology
Volume: 29
Resumo: This study presents additional genetic data on piranha (Serrasalmus rhombeus Linnaeus, 1766) complex previously diagnosed due to the presence of distinct cytotypes 2n = 58 and 2n = 60. Three esterase-D enzyme loci (Est-D1, Est-D2 and Est-D3) were examined and complemented with chromosomal data from 66 piranha specimens collected from Lake Catalao. For all specimens the Est-D1 and Est-D2 loci were monomorphic. In contrast, the Est-D3 locus was polymorphic with genotypes and alleles being differentially distributed in the previously described cytotypes and served as the basis for detecting a new cytotype (2n = 60 B). In cytotype 2n = 58 the Est-D3 locus was also polymorphic and presented Mendelian allelic segregation with four genotypes (Est-D3(11), Est-D3(12), Est-D3(22) and Est-D-33) out of six theoretically possible genotypes, presumably encoded by alleles Est-D3(1) (frequency = 0.237), EsT-D3(2) (0.710) and Est-D3(3) (0.053). A Chi-squared (chi(2)) test for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium was applied to the Est-D3 locus and revealed a genetic unbalance in cytotype 2n = 58, indicating the probable existence in the surveyed area of different stocks for that karyotypic structure. A silent null allele (Est-D3(0)) with a high frequency (0.959) occurred exclusively in the 2n = 60 cytotype. On the other hand, the new cytotype 2n = 60 B described here for the first time was monomorphic for the presumably fixed Est-D3(3) allele. The data as a whole should contribute to the better understanding the rhombeus complex taxonomic status definition in the Central Amazon.
ISSN: 1415-4757
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