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Título: Seasonal variation in the composition of fish assemblages in small Amazonian forest streams: evidence for predictable changes
Autor(es): Helder Mateus Viana Espírito Santo
William Ernest Magnusson
Jansen Alfredo Sampaio Zuanon
Fernando Pereira de Mendonça
Assunto: ecologia de comunidades
biodiversity assessment
ISSN: 0046-5070
Revista: Freshwater Biology
Volume: 54
Resumo: The effects of seasonal inundation on the biology of fishes on floodplains of large Amazonian rivers are well studied. However, the small seasonal changes in headwater streams are generally considered to have little effect on fish assemblages. In this study, we analysed seasonal changes in the species composition and abundance of fish in small Amazonian forest streams. We sampled fish with hand and seine nets in headwater streams in a 10 000 ha terra-firme forest reserve near Manaus, Brazil. Each stream was surveyed at the end of the 2005 dry season, at the beginning of the 2006 rainy season and at the beginning of the 2006 dry season, by means of a standardized sampling effort. The numbers of individuals and species caught were higher in the dry season, but rarefaction analyses indicated that greater species numbers could have been due simply to the larger number of individuals caught. Between the dry and rainy season, the direction of changes in species composition in multivariate space varied among sites, especially for quantitative (abundance) data. However, the observed variation among sites was the less than expected if the directions of change were random. Fish assemblages in the second dry season were more similar to those in the previous dry season than expected if changes in species composition among seasons were random. This indicates that a general seasonal pattern in fish assemblages can be detected, despite the existence of some erratic site-specific changes. Most of the species that showed large seasonal variations in density occupy temporary ponds during the rainy season, when much of the valley is inundated and pond networks form adjacent to streams. Short-duration lateral migrations to these ponds may play an important role in the seasonal fish-assemblage dynamics in Amazonian headwater streams. Our results contrast with previous studies on small Amazonian streams, which have found little seasonal change in fish assemblages, and highlight the importance of the abundance of common species as an indicator of general fish assemblage structure in biological monitoring programmes.
ISSN: 0046-5070
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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