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dc.contributor.authorA C P Souza
dc.contributor.authorAline L Nascimento
dc.contributor.authorCastro R R
dc.contributor.authorRegina maria de Souza Barros
dc.contributor.authorCleusa C Y Nagamachi
dc.contributor.authorJúlio César Pieczarka
dc.contributor.authorEliana Feldberg
dc.description.abstractThree specimes of Baryancistrus aff. Niveatus were studied cytogenetically by conventional staining, C banding, Ag-NORs, CMA 3, DAPI and FISH with human telomeric probes. The results revealed a complement con-sisting of 52 metacentric, submetacentric and subtelocentric type chromosomes. C banding showed that heterochro-matin is located at pairs 1, 3, 6, 10, 11 and 22 in different positions. NORs were located at the short arm of pair 3, coinciding with a positive C-band. This region was also marked with CMA 3, which also marked heterochromatic blocks in chromosomes 11 and 22. These regions were negatively stained by DAPI. These results revealed the pres-ence of two different types of constitutive heterochromatin, probably due to their base composition. Chromosome bearing rDNA sites presented a difference in size in the NOR regions, probably due to heterochromatin and ribos-somal cistrons amplification. The localization of telomeric sequences by FISH revealed the conservative nature of this region.
dc.titleKaryotypic analysis of Baryancistrus aff. niveatus (Ancistrinae, Loricaryidae) by C-banding, Ag-NOR, CMA(3), DAPI anf FISH.
dc.publisher.periodicoCaryologia (Firenze)
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