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Título: Rhinemys rufipes (Spix 1824) ?Red Side-necked Turtle, Red-footed Sideneck Turtle, Perema
Richard Carl Vogt
Assunto: Amazônia
ISSN: 1088-7105
Revista: Chelonian Research Monographs
Volume: 79
Resumo: Rhinemys rufipes is a small colorful reddish side-neck turtle (Family Chelidae) restricted to small shallow black-water closed-canopy streams in forested regions of the upper Amazon River Basin in Brazil and Colombia. Females reach a carapace length (CL) of about 256 mm, maturing at about 195 mm CL; males are slightly smaller at about 230 mm CL. Clutch size varies from 3 to 12 eggs, but natural nesting in the wild has never been recorded. Although once considered uncommon, the species is perhaps much more abundant than museum records indicate, since it is a secretive nocturnal species rarely seen, and does not occur in larger rivers. Extensive trapping in small streams in the Amazon Basin may show this species to be one of the most abundant turtles in South America. Many Brazilian forest reserves are located in regions that may have high densities of the species. The only potential threats for this species at present are development and agriculture pressures leading to forest destruction and degradation.
ISSN: 1088-7105
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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