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Título: Symphyla from Amazonian non-flooded upland forests and their adaptations to inundation forests.
Autor(es): Joachim Adis
Ulf Scheller
José Wellington de Morais
Christine Rochus
José Maria Gomes Rodrigues
Assunto: Phenology
ISSN: 0105-3574
Revista: Ent Scand Suppl
Volume: 51
Resumo: Four terricolous species of Symphyla were found to inhabit the soils of primary and secondary upland forests in Central Amazonia: Scolopendrellopsis tropicus Scheller, 1992, Symphylella adisi Scheller, 1992, Ribautiella amazonica Scheller, 1984 (Scolopendrellidae), and Hanseniella arborea Scheller, 1979 (Scutigerellidae). The last three listed succeeded in colonizing seasonally inundated forests of the mixed water and blackwater type in the Rio Negro valley. Results of this paper indicate that the species have changed from a plurivoltine mode of life innon-flooded upland forests to an univoltine life cycle in inundation forests. Furthermore, the survival strategies which have evolved include a migratory state, represented by adults which pass inundation in the trunk/canopy area (Scutigerellidae) and a dormant state, represented by advanced juvenile and subadult stages which pass the flood periodunder water in retreats (Scolopendrellidae).
ISSN: 0105-3574
Local de publicação: Suécia
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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