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Título: On abundance, phenology and natural history of Symphyla from a mixedwater inundation forest in Central Amazonia, Brazil
Autor(es): Joachim Adis
José Wellington de Morais
Ulf Scheller
Assunto: Symphila
ISSN: 1243-4442
Revista: Acta Myriapodologica
Volume: 169
Resumo: Forests in the Central Amazon region are divided into non-flooded upland forests and inundation forests (Braga 1979). The period of flooding (= aquatic phase) in seasonal inundation forests (Prance 1979) varies from 5 to 7 months a year and is caused by a monomodal flood pulse (Junk et al. 1989). Terrestrial invertebrates that inhabit these forests stay in the area and make use of various survival strategies or, when possible, migrate to adjacent upland (= terra firme) forests before the beginning aquatic phase (Adis 1997). In this study we present the reaction of Geophilomorpha to flooding as well as the abundance and phenology of the species found in a seasonal mixcdwater inundation forest ncar the city of Manaus in the northern region of Brazil.
ISSN: 1243-4442
Local de publicação: França
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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