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Título: On the population dynamics and ecology of the shrimps species (crustacea, Decapoda, Natantia) in Central Amazonian river Tarumã-Mirim.
Autor(es): Ilse Walker
Maria José do Nascimento Ferreira
Revista: Oecology
Volume: 66
Resumo: Collections over four years in the habitat of submerged litter show that shrimps are abundant the year round. Mean densities vary from 5–45 animals/m2 of litter habitat. Finegrained density distribution within litter sites is highly clumped, but coarse-grained distribution in any given month between litter sites along the river is grosso-modo random. Density and species distribution are a function of the annual cycles of inundations. Of the five species (of a total of seven in the area) that were found to be breeding in the litter habitat it could be established that reproduction is restricted to the period of rising and highest water levels. Reproduction is low in all species, namely below 20 eggs per egg batch with essentially a single generation per year. Breeding ecology in relation to the litter habitat is briefly discussed.
Local de publicação: Alemanha
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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