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Título: Myxobolus insignis sp. n. (Myxozoa, Myxosporea, Myxobolidae), a parasite of the Amazonian teleost fish Semaprochilodus insignis (Osteichthyes, Prochilodontidae)
Autor(es): Jorge Guimaraes da Costa Eiras
Jose Celso de Oliveira Malta
Angela Maria Bezerra Varella
Gilberto Cezar Pavanelli
Assunto: Myxobolus insignis
ISSN: 0074-0276
Revista: Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
Volume: 100
Resumo: A new myxosporean species is described from the fish Semaprochilodus insignis captured from the Amazon River, near Manaus. Myxobolus insignis sp. n. was located in the gills of the host forming plasmodia inside the secondary gill lamellae. The spores had a thick wall (1.5-2 µm) all around their body, and the valves were symmetrical and smooth. The spores were a little longer than wide, with rounded extremities, in frontal view, and oval in lateral view. They were 14.5 (14-15) µm long by 11.3 (11-12) µm wide and 7.8 (7-8) µm thick. Some spores showed the presence of a triangular thickening of the internal face of the wall near the posterior end of the polar capsules. This thickening could occur in one of the sides of the spore or in both sides. The polar capsules were large and equal in size surpassing the midlength of the spore. They were oval with the posterior extremity rounded, and converging anteriorly with tapered ends. They were 7.6 (7-8) µm long by 4.2 (3-5) µm wide, and the polar filament formed 6 coils slightly obliquely to the axis of the polar capsule. An intercapsular appendix was present. There was no mucous envelope or distinct iodinophilous vacuole.
ISSN: 0074-0276
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