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Título: Understanding the Influences of Spatial Patterns on N Availability Within the Brazilian Amazon Forest
Autor(es): Nardoto, Gabriela Bielefeld
Ometto, Jean Pierre Henry Balbaud
Ehleringer, James R.
Niro Higuchi
Bustamante, Mercedes Maria da Cunha
Martinelli, Luiz Antonio
Assunto: Ciclagem de Nutrientes
Manejo Florestal
ISSN: 1432-9840
Revista: Ecosystems (New York)
Resumo: Nitrogen variations at different spatial scales and integrated across functional groups were addressed for lowland tropical forests in the Brazilian Amazon as follows: (1) how does N availability vary across the region over different spatial scales (regional x landscape scale); ( 2) how are these variations in N availability integrated across plant functional groups ( legume 9 non-legume trees). Leaf N, P, and Ca concentrations as well the leaf N isotope ratios (delta(15)N) from a large set of legume and non-legume tree species were measured. Legumes had higher foliar N/Ca ratios than non-legumes, consistent with the high energetic costs in plant growth associated with higher foliar P/Ca ratios found in legumes than in non-legumes. At the regional level, foliar delta(15)N decreased with increasing rainfall. At the landscape level, N availability was higher in the forests on clayey soils on the plateau than in forests on sandier soils. The isotope as well as the non-isotope data relationships here documented, explain to a large extent the variation in delta(15)N signatures across gradients of rainfall and soil. Although at the regional level, the precipitation regime is a major determinant of differences in N availability, at the landscape level, under the same precipitation regime, soil type seems to be a major factor influencing the availability of N in the Brazilian Amazon forest.
ISSN: 1432-9840
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