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Título: Chloroplastid pigment contents and chlorophyll a fluorescence in Amazonian tropical three species
Autor(es): Ronaldo Ribeiro de Morais
José Francisco de Carvalho Gonçalves
Ulysses Moreira dos Santos Júnior
Dünisch, Oliver
Santos, André Luis Wendt dos
Assunto: Light environments
Tropical species
ISSN: 0100-6762
Revista: Revista Árvore
Volume: 31
Resumo: Plants react to changes in light and hydrological conditions in terms of quantity and composition of chloroplastidic pigments, which affects the photosynthetic properties and consequently the accumulation of plant biomass. Thus, the chloroplastidic pigment concentration and chlorophyll a fluorescence of three Amazonian species (Bertholletia excelsa, Carapa guianensis e Dipteryx odorata) were investigated in sun and shade leaves form the tree crown collected during two distinct periods of precipitation (dry and rainy seasons). Pigment contents were determined by spectrophotometry and fluorescence variables were determined using a portable fluorometer. The results demonstrated that the species showed high concentrations of Chl a, Chl b e Chl total during the wet season in relation to the dry season, especially in shade leaves. A higher concentration of carotenoids was found in B. excelsa, when compared with leaves of C. guianensis and D. odorata. In leaves of B. excelsa and D. odorata no significant difference was found in relation to the photochemistry of photosystem II (Fv/Fm) between the wet and dry seasons. In conclusion, the three species react differently to variations in the light and precipitation conditions regarding light capture, aspects that might be considered in the management of forest plantations.
ISSN: 0100-6762
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