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Título: Challenges and rewards of research in marine natural products chemistry in Brazil
Autor(es): Roberto G. S. Berlinck
G. Muricy
Eduardo Hajdu
R. M da Rocha
Jaine H. H. L. de Oliveira
Isara L. C. Hernández
M. H. R. Seleghim
Ana Cláudia Granato
Cecilia Veronica Nunez
Erika V. Raphael de Almeida
Assunto: Química dos Produtos Naturais Marinhos
ISSN: 0163-3864
Revista: Journal of Natural Products
Volume: 67
Resumo: Brazil is blessed with a great biodiversity, which constitutes one of the most important sources of biologically active compounds, even if it has been largely underexplored. As is the case of the Amazon and Atlantic rainforests, the Brazilian marine fauna remains practically unexplored in the search for new biologically active natural products. Considering that marine organisms have been shown to be one of the most promising sources of new bioactive compounds for the treatment of different human diseases, the 8000 km of the Brazilian coastline represents a great potential for finding new pharmacologically active secondary metabolites. This review presents the status of marine natural products chemistry in Brazil, including results reported by different research groups with emphasis on the isolation, structure elucidation, and evaluation of biological activities of natural products isolated from sponges, ascidians, octocorals, and Opistobranch mollusks. A brief overview of the first Brazilian program on the isolation of marine bacteria and fungi, directed toward the production of biologically active compounds, is also discussed. The current multidisciplinary collaborative program under development at the Universidade de São Paulo proposes to establish a new paradigm toward the management of the Brazilian marine biodiversity, integrating research on the species diversity, ecology, taxonomy, and biogeography of marine invertebrates and microorganisms. This program also includes a broad screening program of Brazilian marine bioresources, to search for active compounds that may be of interest for the development of new drug leads.
ISSN: 0163-3864
Local de publicação: Estados Unidos
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Tecnologia e Inovação (COTI)

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