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Título: Chemical characterization of rosewood ( Aniba rosaeodora Ducke ) leaf essential oil by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled with quadrupole mass spectrometry
Autor(es): Fidelis, Carlos H.V.
Augusto, Fabio
Paulo de Tarso Barbosa Sampaio
Krainovic, Pedro M.
Barata, Lauro E.S.
ISSN: 1041-2905
Revista: The Journal of Essential Oil Research
Volume: 24
Resumo: The Amazonian tree Aniba rosaeodora Ducke, whose wood provides commercial essential oil for perfumery houses, is at risk of extinction and listed by CITES. An alternative source of this oil would be to trim leaves of young plants and steam distill them to obtain the essential oil. Four-year-old plant material could provide an oil that can both be an economical source and eventually a replacement for wood oil in perfumery. A characterization of the essential oil from these leaves has been obtained by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography. The two-dimensional analytical technique was able to separate and identify about three times more compounds than is the case with conventional gas chromatography, leading to a more complete essential oil chemical characterization.
ISSN: 1041-2905
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