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Título: The paleobiolinguistics of maize (Zea mays L.)
Autor(es): Cecil H. Brown
Charles Roland Clement
Patience Epps
Eike Luedeling
Søren Wichmann
Assunto: Linguistica
ISSN: 2159-8126
Revista: Ethnobiology Letters
Volume: 5
Resumo: Paleobiolinguistics is used to determine when and where maize (Zea mays) developed significance for different prehistoric groups of Native America. Dates and locations of proto-languages for which maize terms reconstruct generally accord with crop-origin and dispersal information from plant genetics and archaeobotany. Paleobiolinguistic and other lines of evidence indicate that human interest in maize was extensive millennia before the widespread development of a village‐farming way of life in the New World.
ISSN: 2159-8126
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