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Título: Genetic/phenotypic studies on spines in pejibaye (Bactris gasipaes H.B.K., Palmae).
Autor(es): Wanders Benjamin Chávez Flores
Hiroshi Noda
Charles Roland Clement
Assunto: Bactris gasipaes
ISSN: 0100-8455
Revista: Brazilian Journal of Genetics
Volume: 13
Resumo: Seeds were collected from 4 open-pollinated pejibaye (Bactris gasipaes) trees from Peru. Some 400 seedlings were planted at Manaus, Amazonas, in May 1982. Some 28 plants were sampled in 1986. The progeny of these plants were grown in a randomized block design. The occurrence of petiole/rachis spines had high narrow sense and broad sense heritabilities (0.36 and 0.77, respectively). The occurrence of spines along leaflet edges had medium heritabilities (0.26 and 0.60) and the occurrence of spines along the central veins of leaflets had low heritabilities (0.14 and 0.41). The magnitude of the additive genetic variances was low, as were the genetic coefficients of variation and Vencovsky's 'b' index (ratio of genetic CV to environmental CV). Statistically significant phenotypic correlations were observed between petiole spines and spines along leaflet edges (r=0.82), and between spines along the central veins and spines along leaflet edges (r=0.58) in progenies but not in the parent plants, suggesting the existence of endogenous factors that modify the expression of these characters during their development; this was confirmed for petiole/rachis spines in the field.
ISSN: 0100-8455
Local de publicação: Brasil
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Tecnologia e Inovação (COTI)

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