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Título: Lipase Activity among Bacteria Isolated from Amazonian Soils - Article ID 720194
Autor(es): André Luiz Willerding
Mariana Gomes Germano
Aloisio Freitas Chagas Jr
Luiz Antonio de Oliveira
Assunto: Metabolismo microbiano
ISSN: 2090-0414
Revista: Enzyme Research
Volume: 2011
Resumo: The objective of this study was to select lipase-producing bacteria collected from different counties of the Amazon region. Of the 440 bacteria strains, 181 were selected for the lipase assay in qualitative tests at Petri dishes, being 75 (41%) lipase positive. The enzymatic index was determined during fifteen days at different temperatures (30°, 35°, 40°, and 45°C). The highest lipase activity was observed within 72 hours at 30°C. Twelve bacteria strains presented an index equal to or greater than the standard used like reference, demonstrating the potential of microbial resource. After the bioassay in Petri dishes, the selected bacteria strains were analyzed in quantitative tests on p-nitrophenyl palmitate (p-NPP). A group of the strains was selected for other phases of study with the use in oleaginous substrates of the Amazonian flora, aiming for the application in processes like oil biotransformation.
ISSN: 2090-0414
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