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dc.contributor.authorPhilip Martin Fearnside
dc.description.abstractThe Brazilian government is presently encouraging the rapid development of cattle pasture in large parts of the Amazon Basin through a massive program of financial and tax incentives. This has been encouraged by recent claims in Brasil that pasture improves soil quality, and there/ore presumably could supply an indefinite yield of cattle to the ranchers that are responding to the incentives program. Calculation of beef productivity to be expected in areas such as Brazil's Transamazon Highway by a variety of means all lead to the conclusion that government expectations are over-optimistic. The present paper develops equations for prediction of cattle yields for a study area on the Transainazon Highway including the effects of both soil nutrients and competition from weeds. Low levels of soil phosphorus and invasion of inedible weeds soon reduce grass and cattle yields to very low levels. Results of a computer simulation of cattle yields based on the relatiomhips developed linking yield to soil nutrients and weeds. and 011 the soil information gathered in the Transamazon Highway study area, are presented. The pasture simulation forms a part of a larger simulation of the agroecosystcm of the Tramamazon Hig/m·ay colonists which is aimed at assessing the importance of \'arious factors 011 the carrying capacity of the area for human populations. Although the carrying capacity study shall'S that agriculture based largely on annual crops is a risky business, it also casts doubt on the presumption of secure and sustainable yields from the pasture development schemes currently being promoted in the Brazilian Amazon.
dc.titleCattle Yield Prediction For The Transamazon Highway Of Brazil
dc.publisher.periodicoInterciencia (Caracas)
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