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Título: Seazonal variation in the distribution and isotopic composition of phytoplankton in an Amazon floodplain lake, Brazil
Autor(es): Pedro Ramon Caraballo-Garcia
Rosseval Galdino Leite
Bruce Rider Forsberg
Assunto: amazon
size fractionaded phytoplankton
ISSN: 0120-548X
Revista: Acta Biologica Colombiana
Volume: 19
Resumo: To evaluate the seasonal variation and isotopic composition of phytoplankton, water samples were collected monthly between October 2007 and November 2008 in Lake Catalão, a floodplain lake at the confluence between rivers Negro and Amazon. Analyses of total chlorophyll concentration and δ13C and δ15N isotopic abundances were made from particulate size fractions of 30-60, 10-30 and <10 μm in the littoral, pelagic, and floating meadows regions. Chlorophyll concentration was found to be inversely associated to lake depth, and high concentrations of chlorophyll in the floating meadows zone were significant. The fraction <10 μm was the most abundant representing in average more than 40 % of the particulate matter. The δ13C values were relatively constant during the study (-25.1 ‰ ~ -34.0 ‰), whereas the δ15N values showed strong variability (15.6 ‰ ~ 2.4 ‰), which has been attributed to the resuspension of sediments during mixing of the water column. Mixing associated to the sudden drop in temperature during the rising water period was an important event in the trophic and isotopic dynamics of the lake. Variations in chlorophyll content were generally associated with the dilution process, in which concentration was inversely correlated to the water level, whereas abundance was directly correlated to the water level.
ISSN: 0120-548X
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