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Título: Malate dehydrogenase polymorphism in Amazon curimatids (Teleostei: Curimatidae): Evidence of an ancient mutational event
Autor(es): Mércia Cristina Caraciolo
Adalberto Luis Val
Vera Maria Fonseca de Almeida e Val
Assunto: Amazônia
ISSN: 0100-8455
Revista: Brazilian Journal of Genetics (Cessou em 1997. Cont. ISSN 1415-4757 Genetics and Molecular Biology
Volume: 19
Resumo: Electrophoretic mobilities and tissue expression of MDH (malate dehydrogenase) were found to be the same for 12 Curimatidae fish species from the Amazon basin. Similarities in the migration of isozymes produced by sMDH-A' and sMDH-B' allowed no differentiation among these species. Out of 12, six species showed two alieles for sMDH-B'. These alleles, named sMDH-Bioo and sMDH- 885, were present at different frequencies among the six species. 885 and/or B100/85phenotypes were generally more thermostable than B100phenotypes. Based on the occurrence of a single allele (B85) in six different species, their different frequencies, and their heat inactivation rates, the following hypotheses are suggested: a) the alleles are the result of a single muta tional event occurring before the speciation process in this family, or b) they are cryptic alleles, a result of different mutational events.
ISSN: 0100-8455
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