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Título: Effects of hypoxia on rainbow trout (Oncothynchus mykiss): Intraerythrocytic phosphates
Autor(es): Adalberto Luis Val
Joanne Lessard
Assunto: Fosfatos Eritrocitários
ISSN: 0022-0949
Revista: Journal of Experimental Biology
Volume: 198
Resumo: Intraerythrocytic levels of guanosine and adenosinephosphates were estimated in normoxic and hypoxicrainbow trout after intra-arterial injection with eithersaline or carbonic anhydrase. A significant reduction of thetotal pool of adenosine and guanosine was observed inhypoxic animals. Similarly, a decrease in both ATP andGTP levels occurred in hypoxic animals injected eitherwith saline or with carbonic anhydrase. Interestingly, therewas a highly significant relationship between ATP andGTP levels, indicating that they are under similar control.In addition, a significant positive relationship betweennucleoside triphosphate (NTP) and Mg2+levels wasobserved. It is possible that the availability of ATP andGTP to hemoglobin (Hb) may be proportionally smallerthan their intraerythrocytic absolute levels. No clearrelationship between intraerythrocytic NTP levels andplasma carbonic anhydrase infusion was observed, despitethe significant effect of carbonic anhydrase on acid–basebalance. There was a significant relationship between redblood cell pH and [NTP]:[Hb] in fish exposed to hypoxiafor 48h. No such relationship existed during the first 6h ofhypoxic exposure. Possible mechanisms accounting for thereduction in NTP levels during the initial phases of hypoxiaare discussed
ISSN: 0022-0949
Local de publicação: Brasil
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