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Título: Carbon stock loss from deforestation through 2013 in Brazilian Amazonia
Yanai, Aurora Miho
Frederico O.R.Fonseca
Philip Martin Fearnside
Assunto: Biomassa
Aquecimento Global
ISSN: 1354-1013
Revista: Global Change Biology
Volume: 21
Resumo: The largest carbon stock in tropical vegetation is in Brazilian Amazonia. In this similar to 5 million km(2) area, over 750000km(2) of forest and similar to 240000km(2) of nonforest vegetation types had been cleared through 2013. We estimate current carbon stocks and cumulative gross carbon loss from clearing of premodern vegetation in Brazil's Legal Amazonia' and Amazonia biome' regions. Biomass of premodern' vegetation (prior to major increases in disturbance beginning in the 1970s) was estimated by matching vegetation classes mapped at a scale of 1:250000 and 29 biomass means from 41 published studies for vegetation types classified as forest (2317 1-ha plots) and as either nonforest or contact zones (1830 plots and subplots of varied size). Total biomass (above and below-ground, dry weight) underwent a gross reduction of 18.3% in Legal Amazonia (13.1Pg C) and 16.7% in the Amazonia biome (11.2Pg C) through 2013, excluding carbon loss from the effects of fragmentation, selective logging, fires, mortality induced by recent droughts and clearing of forest regrowth. In spite of the loss of carbon from clearing, large amounts of carbon were stored in stands of remaining vegetation in 2013, equivalent to 149 Mg Cha(-1) when weighted by the total area covered by each vegetation type in Legal Amazonia. Native vegetation in Legal Amazonia in 2013 originally contained 58.6Pg C, while that in the Amazonia biome contained 56Pg C. Emissions per unit area from clearing could potentially be larger in the future because previously cleared areas were mainly covered by vegetation with lower mean biomass than the remaining vegetation. Estimates of original biomass are essential for estimating losses to forest degradation. This study offers estimates of cumulative biomass loss, as well as estimates of premodern carbon stocks that have not been represented in recent estimates of deforestation impacts.
ISSN: 1354-1013
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Dinâmica Ambiental (CDAM)

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