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Título: Phorcotabanus cinereus (wiedemann, 1821) (Diptera: Tabanidae), an Ornithophilic Species of Tabanid in Central Amazon, Brazil
Autor(es): Francisco Limeira de Oliveira
José Albertino Rafael
Augusto Loureiro Henriques
Assunto: Amazon Basin
Phorcotabanus cinereus
ISSN: 0074-0276
Revista: Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
Volume: 97
Resumo: In Central Amazon, Brazil, the tabanid Phorcotabanus cinereus (Wiedemann) was recorded attacking the native duck Cairina moschata (Linnaeus) (Anseriformes, Anatidae). The flight and behavior of the tabanid during the attacks and the host's defenses were videotaped and analyzed in slow motion. The tabanid was recorded flying rapidly around the heads of the ducks before landing. Landing always took place on the beak, and then the tabanid walked to the fleshy caruncle on the basal part of the beak to bite and feed. Firstly the duck defends itself through lateral harsh head movements, and then, when it is being bitten, it defends itself by rubbing its head on the body, or dipping the head into water, when swimming. If disturbed, the fly resumed the same pattern of flight as before and would generally try to land again on the same host and bite in the same place. This feeding activity was observed predominantly between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm and always in open areas, near aquatic environments, from June 1996 to January 1997, the dry season in Central Amazon. To test the attractiveness of other animals to P. cinereus, mammals, caimans and domestic and wild birds were placed in suitable habitat and the response of P. cinereus observed. P. cinereus did not attack these animals, suggesting that this species has a preference for ducks, which are plentiful in the region.
ISSN: 0074-0276
Local de publicação: Brasil
Aparece nas coleções:Coordenação de Biodiversidade (CBIO)

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