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1996Patterns of nucleotide change in mitochondrial ribosomal RNA genes and the phylogeny of piranhasOrtí, Guillermo; Petry, Paulo; Jorge Ivan Rebelo Porto; Jégu, Michel; Axel Meyer
1996Amazonian Deforestation And Global Warming: Carbon Stocks In Vegetation Replacing Brazil'S Amazon ForestPhilip Martin Fearnside
1996Political benefits as barriers to assessment of environmental costs in Brazil's Amazonian development planning: The example of the Jatapu Dam in RoraimaFEARNSIDE, PHILIP M.; Reinaldo Imbrozio Barbosa
1996Carbon Uptake By Secondary Forests In In Brazilian AmazoniaPhilip Martin Fearnside; W.M. GUIMARAES
1996The causes of tropical deforestation edited by Katrina Brown and David W Pearce UCL Press London, 1994, xiv + 338 pp, figs, tables and index, E45.00, hardback ISBN: 185-728-130-6Philip Martin Fearnside
1994Leaf and canopy photosynthetic CO2 uptake of a stand of Echinochloa polystachya on the Central Amazon floodplainMaria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; S P Long; W J Junk
1995Global Warming Response Options In Brazil'S Forest Sector: Comparison Of Project-Level Costs And BenefitsPhilip Martin Fearnside
1997Environmental services as a strategy for sustainable development in rural AmazoniaPhilip Martin Fearnside
1997Brazilian Amazonian caboclo agriculture: Effect of fallow period on maize yieldM C da Silva-Foresberg; Philip Martin Fearnside
1999Relationship between soils on Amazon forest biomass: A landscape-scale studyW F Laurance; Philip Martin Fearnside; S G Laurance; P. Delamonica; T.E. Lovejoy; J M Rankin de Merona; J Q Chambers; C Gascon