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2014Fire Damage in Seasonally Flooded and Upland Forests of the Central AmazonDE RESENDE, ANGÉLICA F.; Bruce Walker Nelson; FLORES, BERNARDO M.; DE ALMEIDA, DANILO R.
2005Pervasive Alteration of Tree Communities in Undisturbed Amazonian Forests1Bruce Walker Nelson
2015Age and Growth Patterns of Brazil Nut Trees ( Bonpl.) in Amazonia, BrazilJochen Schongart; GRIBEL, ROGÉRIO; FERREIRA DA FONSECA-JUNIOR, SINOMAR; HAUGAASEN, TORBJØRN
2012Broad Scale Distribution of Ferns and Lycophytes along Environmental Gradients in Central and Northern Amazonia, BrazilZUQUIM, GABRIELA; TUOMISTO, HANNA; Flávia R. C. Costa; PRADO, JEFFERSON; MAGNUSSON, WILLIAM E.; Tania Pena Pimentel; BRAGA-NETO, RICARDO; FIGUEIREDO, FERNANDO O.G.
2012Impact of Past Forest Fires on Bird Populations in Flooded Forests of the Cuini River in the Lowland AmazonRitter, Camila D.; Andretti, Christian B.; Bruce Walker Nelson
1987Host parasite relationships between amazonian anurans and atypical micobacteria (Micobacterium chelonei and Mycobacterium fortuitum).Way Yin Mok; Celso Morato de Carvalho
2007The Old and Young Amazon: Dung Beetle Biomass, Abundance, and Species DiversityMeghan G. Radtke; Claudio Ruy Vasconcelos da Fonseca; Garry Bruce Williamson
2001Antipredator defenses influence the distribution of amphibian prey species in the central Amazon rainforest.Jean Marc Hero; William Ernest Magnusson; Carlos F D Rocha; Carla P Catterall
2006The Use of French Spikes to Collect Botanical Vouchers in Permanent Plots: Evaluation of
Potential Impacts.Carolina Volkmer Castilho; William Ernest Magnusson
1995Flower visitors of Clusia nemorosa G.F.W. Meyer (Clusiaceae) in an Amazonian White-Sand CampinaRita de Cássia Guimarães Mesquita; Carlos Henrique Franciscon