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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
2008Population genetics of the endangered South American freshwaterTibisay Escalona; Tag N. Engstrom; Omar E. Hernandez; Brian C. Bock; Richard Carl Vogt; Nicole Valenzuela
2009Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, and Selenium Levels in Blood of Four Species of Turtles from theBURGER, J; Jeitner, Christian,; SCHNEIDER, L; Richard Carl Vogt; Gochfeld, Michael
2009The role of receptivity in the courtship behavior of Podocnemis erythrocephala in captivityCamila Rudge Ferrara; Larissa Schneider; Richard Carl Vogt; Burger, Joanna
2014Rhinemys rufipes (Spix 1824) ?Red Side-necked Turtle, Red-footed Sideneck Turtle, PeremaMAGNUSSON, WILLIAM E.; Richard Carl Vogt
2009Rhinoclemmys areolata (Duméril and Bibron 1851) ? furrowed wood turtle, black-bellied turtle, mojinaRichard Carl Vogt; STEVEN G.PLATT; Rainwater, T.R.
2015Testing the efficiency of protected areas in the Amazon for conserving freshwater turtlesCamila Kurkzmann Fagundes; Richard Carl Vogt; Paulo De Marco Júnior
2006Diet of Podocnemis unifilis (Testudines, Podocnemidae) During the Dry Season in the Middle-Solimões River, Amazonas.Deisi Cristiane Balensiefer; Richard Carl Vogt
2012Podocnemis unifilis Troschel 1848, Yellow-spotted River Turtle, TrachajaSCHNEIDER, L; IVERSON, JOHN; Richard Carl Vogt
2010Trachemys adiutrix Vanzolina Carvalhos SliderCarl H. Ernst; Alexandre Milaré Batistella; Richard Carl Vogt
2008Trachemys adiutrixAlexandre Milaré Batistella; Carolina Pötter; Richard Carl Vogt