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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
2011Polymorphic microsatellite loci from the endangered Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)RIBAS, CAROLINA; Vasconcellos, Anderson V.; Guilherme Mourão; William Ernest Magnusson; Solé-Cava, Antonio M.; Cunha, Haydée A.
2012Giant otters feeding on caiman: evidence for an expanded trophic niche of recovering populationsRIBAS, CAROLINA; Damasceno, Gabriel; William Ernest Magnusson; Leuchtenberger, Caroline; Guilherme Mourão
2013Space use by giant otter groups in the Brazilian PantanalLeuchtenberger, Caroline; OLIVEIRA-SANTOS, LUIZ GUSTAVO RODRIGUES; William Ernest Magnusson; Guilherme Mourão
2014Vocal repertoire of the social giant otterLeuchtenberger, Caroline; SOUSA-LIMA, RENATA; DUPLAIX, NICOLE; William Ernest Magnusson; Guilherme Mourão
2015Spatial and Temporal Variation in Reproduction of a Generalist Crocodilian, Caiman crocodilus yacare, in a Seasonally Flooded WetlandCampos, Zilca; Guilherme Mourão; Marcos Coutinho; William Ernest Magnusson; SORIANO, BALBINA M. A.
2015Territoriality of Giant Otter Groups in an Area with Seasonal FloodingLeuchtenberger, Caroline; William Ernest Magnusson; Guilherme Mourão
2006Long distance movements by Caiman crocodilus yacare: implications for management of the species in the Brazilian Pantanal.Zilca Campos; Marcos Coutinho; Guilherme Mourão; Peter Bayliss; William Ernest Magnusson
2000Aerial surveys of caiman, marsh deer and pampas deer in the Pantanal wetland of Brazil.Guilherme Mourão; Marcos Coutinho; Rodiney Mauro; Zilca Campos; Walfrido Tomás; William Ernest Magnusson