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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
1993Effects of prey size and foraging mode the ontogenic change in the feeding niche of Colostethus stepheni (Anura-dendrobatidae)Moreira G; Albertina Pimentel Lima
1999Contribution of C3 and C4 plants to higher trophic levels in an Amazonian SavannaWilliam Ernest Magnusson; Maria Carmosina de Araújo; Renato Cintra; Martinelli L A; Tânia M Sanaiotti; Heraldo L Vasconcelos; Reynaldo L Vitoria; Albertina Pimentel Lima
1994Leaf and canopy photosynthetic CO2 uptake of a stand of Echinochloa polystachya on the Central Amazon floodplainMaria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; S P Long; W J Junk
1991Predation And The Evolution Of Complex Oviposition Behaviour In Amazonian Forest Frogs.William Ernest Magnusson; JM. Hero.
1999Contribution of C3 and C4 plants to higher throphic levels in an amazonian savannaWilliam Ernest Magnusson; Maria Carmozina Araújo; Renato Cintra; Albertina Pimentel Lima; Luiz Martinelli; Heraldo Vasconcelos; Reinaldo L Victoria; Tânia Margarete Sanaiotti
1998Stable cabon isotope ratio of tree leaves, boles and fine litter in a tropical forest in Rondônia , BrasilMartinelli L A Almeida S Brown I F Moreira M Z Victoria R; Carlos Alberto Cid Ferreira
1995A test of Pollinator specificity and morphological convergence between nectariferous birds and rainforest tree flowers in Papua New GuineaEleanor D Brown; Michael John Gilbert Hopkins
1998Partitioning seasonal time: interactions among size, foraging activity and diet in leaf-litter frogsWilliam Ernest Magnusson; Albertina Pimentel Lima
1999Contributions of C3 and C4 plants to higher trophic levels in an Amazonian savanaPedro Santos; Cristina Banks; Renato Cintra