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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
1999Geographic distribution: kinosternon scopioides (amazon mud turtle)William Ernest Magnusson; Maria Carmozina de Araújo; Albertina Pimentel Lima
1999The Rise and Fall of a Population of Hyla boans: Reproduction in a Neotropical Gladiator FrogWilliam Ernest Magnusson; Jean Marc Hero; Maria Carmosina de Araújo; Albertina Pimentel Lima
1999Contribution of C3 and C4 plants to higher trophic levels in an Amazonian SavannaWilliam Ernest Magnusson; Maria Carmosina de Araújo; Renato Cintra; Martinelli L A; Tânia M Sanaiotti; Heraldo L Vasconcelos; Reynaldo L Vitoria; Albertina Pimentel Lima
1999Tropical tadpole vulnerability to predation: association between laboratory results and prey distribution in an Amazonian savanna.Cláudia AzevedoRamos; William Ernest Magnusson
1999Predation as a key factor structuring tadpole assemblages in a savanna area in Central Brazil.Cláudia AzevedoRamos; William Ernest Magnusson
1999Logging Activity And Tree Regeneration In An Amazonian Forest.William Ernest Magnusson; O. P. LIMA; F. Q. REIS; N. HIGUCHI; J. F. RAMOS
1999Home-range size of the bare-eared marmoset (Callithrix argentata) at Alter do Chão, Central Amazônia, Brazil.Ana L Albernaz; William Ernest Magnusson
1999Diets of spectacled and black caiman in the Anavilhanas Archipelago, central, Brazil.Ronis Da Silveira; William Ernest Magnusson
1999Growth of Caiman latirostris inhabiting a coastal environment in Brazil.Timothy P Moulton; William Ernest Magnusson; M T Q Melo
1999Effects of climate and food availability on four rodent species in southeastern Brazil.Helena Bergallo; William Ernest Magnusson