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1995Air breathing in the armoured catfish (Hoplosternum littorale) as an adaptation to hypoxic, acid, and hydrogen sulphide rich waters.Colin Jonh Brauner; Crystal L Ballantyne; Adalberto Luis Val
1995Kentropyx altamazonicaWilliam Ernest Magnusson; Albertina Pimentel Lima
1995Home range, inter-group transfers, and reproductive status of common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) in a forest fragment in North-eastern Brazil.Antonio Rossano Mendes Pontes; Maria Adélia Oliveira Monteiro da Cruz
1995Global Warming Response Options In Brazil'S Forest Sector: Comparison Of Project-Level Costs And BenefitsPhilip Martin Fearnside
1995Hydroelectric Dams in the Brazilian Amazon as Sources of `Greenhouse GasesPhilip Martin Fearnside
1995A Conservation Gap Analysis of Brazil Amazonian VegetationPhilip Martin Fearnside; FERRAZ, JOAO
1995Surface conductance of Amazonian pasture: model application and calibration for canopy climateI. R. WRIGHT; Antonio Ocimar Manzi; H. R. ROCHA
1995Potential Impacts Of Climatic Change On Natural Forests And Forestry In Brazilian AmazoniaPhilip Martin Fearnside
1995Chromosome banding patterns in the unisexual microteiid Gymnophthalmus underwoodi and in two related sobling species (Gymnophthalmidae, Sauria).Yatio Yonenaga-Yassuda; Paulo Emílio Vanzolini; Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues; Celso Morato de Carvalho
1995Niche partitioning in a tropical wet season: lizards in the lavrado area of northern Brazil.Laurie J. Vitt; Celso Morato de Carvalho