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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
2008A Program for Monitoring Biological Diversity in the Amazon: An Alternative Perspective to Threat-based MonitoringWilliam Ernest Magnusson; Ricardo Laerte Romero; Fabricio Beggiato Baccaro; Ricardo Braga-Neto; Albertina Pimentel Lima; HERO, JEAN-MARC; COSTA, FLáVIA; LAWSON, BEN E.; PENHA, JERRY; Marcelo Menin
2008Acoustic and Morphological Differentiation in the Frog Allobates femoralis : Relationships with the Upper Madeira River and Other Potential Geological BarriersPedro Ivo Simões; Albertina Pimentel Lima; William Ernest Magnusson; Walter Hödl; Adolfo Amezquita
2005Altered Tree Communities in Undisturbed Amazonian Forests: A Consequence of Global Change?1Laurance, William F.; Oliveira, Alexandre A.; Laurance, Susan G.; Condit, Richard; Dick, Christopher W.; Andrade, Ana; Lovejoy, Thomas E.; Ribeiro, Jose E. L. S.; Henrique Eduardo Mendonca Nascimento
2005Pervasive Alteration of Tree Communities in Undisturbed Amazonian Forests1Bruce Walker Nelson
2007The Old and Young Amazon: Dung Beetle Biomass, Abundance, and Species DiversityMeghan G. Radtke; Claudio Ruy Vasconcelos da Fonseca; Garry Bruce Williamson
2001Antipredator defenses influence the distribution of amphibian prey species in the central Amazon rainforest.Jean Marc Hero; William Ernest Magnusson; Carlos F D Rocha; Carla P Catterall
2006The Use of French Spikes to Collect Botanical Vouchers in Permanent Plots: Evaluation of
Potential Impacts.Carolina Volkmer Castilho; William Ernest Magnusson
2008Cost-efficiency of sub-sampling protocols to evaluate oribatid mites communities in an Amazonian savanna.Evanira Maria Ribeiro dos Santos; Elizabeth Franklin; William Ernest Magnusson
2002Past vegetation changes in Amazon savannas determined using carbon isotopes of soil organic matterLuis A Martinelli; Reynaldo L Victoria; Susan E Trumbore; Plinio B Camargo; Tânia Margarete Sanaiotti
2000Variation in nutrient distribution and potencial nutrient losses by selective logging in a humid tropical forest of Rondonia, BrasilMartinelli L A Almeida S Brown I F Moreira M Z Victoria R L; Carlos Alberto Cid Ferreira