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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
2006Variation in aboveground tree live biomass in a central Amazonian forest: effects of soil and topographyCarolina Volkmer de Castilho; William Ernest Magnusso; RAIMUNDA NAZARÉ ARAÚJO; REGINA C. C. LUIZÃO; Flávio Jesus Luizão; Niro Higuchi; Albertina Pimentel Lima
2000Effect of selective logging intensity on two termite species of the genus Syntermes in Central AmazoniaAna C CordeiroDuarte; Flávio J luizão; Niro Higuchi; Albertina Pimentel Lima
2002Total aboveground biomass in central Amazonian rainforests: a landscape-scale studyHenrique Eduardo Mendonca Nascimento; Laurance, William F.
2014Brazil nut stock and harvesting at different spatial scales in southeastern AmazoniaRIBEIRO, MARIA BEATRIZ N.; JEROZOLIMSKI, ADRIANO; DE ROBERT, PASCALE; William Ernest Magnusson
2013Tree seedling recruitment in Amazon secondary forest: Importance of topography and gap micro-site conditionsBENTOS, TONY VIZCARRA; Henrique Eduardo Mendonca Nascimento; WILLIAMSON, G. BRUCE
2014Innovative approaches to the preservation of forest treesPRITCHARD, HUGH W.; MOAT, JUSTIN F.; FERRAZ, JOÃO B.S.; MARKS, TIMOTHY R.; CAMARGO, JOSÉ LUÍS C.; NADARAJAN, JAYANTHI; Isolde Dorothea Kossmann Ferraz
2004Inferred longevity of Amazonian rainforest trees based on a long-term demographic studyLAURANCE, W; Henrique Eduardo Mendonca Nascimento; Laurance, Susan G.; Condit, Richard; Sammya DŽAngelo; D'Angelo, Sammya
2011How much variation in tree mortality is predicted by soil and topography in Central Amazonia?de Toledo, José Julio; Magnusson, William E.; Castilho, Carolina V.; Henrique Eduardo Mendonca Nascimento
2012Tree mode of death in Central Amazonia: Effects of soil and topography on tree mortality associated with storm disturbancesde Toledo, José Julio; Magnusson, William E.; Castilho, Carolina V.; Henrique Eduardo Mendonca Nascimento
2006Growth, leaf nutrient concentration and photosynthetic nutrient use efficiency in tropical tree species planted in degraded areas in central AmazoniaUlysses Moreira dos Santos Júnior; José Francisco de Carvalho Gonçalves; Ted R. Feldpausch