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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
2006Growth, leaf nutrient concentration and photosynthetic nutrient use efficiency in tropical tree species planted in degraded areas in central AmazoniaUlysses Moreira dos Santos Júnior; José Francisco de Carvalho Gonçalves; Ted R. Feldpausch
2004The várzea forests in Amazonia: flooding and the highly dynamic geomorphology interact with natural forest successionFloriam Wittmann; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Wolfgang J Junk
2008Normalization of the wood density data used in estimates of above-ground live biomass in Amazon forestsEuler Nogueira; Philip Martin Fearnside; B W Nelson
2007Floodplain and upland populations of Amazonian Himatanthus sucuuba: Effects of flooding on germination, seedling growth and mortalityCristiane S Ferreira; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; W J Junk; P Parolin
2009Carbon benefits from Amazonian forest reserves: Leakage accounting and the value of timePhilip Martin Fearnside
2002Time preference in global warming calculations: A proposal for a unified indexPhilip Martin Fearnside
2008Water-use efficiency of tree species following calcium and phosphorus application on an abandoned pasture, central Amazonia, BrazilCarlos Eduardo Moura Silva; Ted R. Feldpausch; José Francisco de Carvalho Gonçalves
2004Wood density of trees in open savannas of the Brazilian AmazonReinaldo Imbrozio Barbosa; Philip Martin Fearnside
2008Estimates of forest biomass in the Brazilian Amazon: New allometric equations and adjustments to biomass from wood-volume inventoriesNOGUEIRA, E; FEARNSIDE, P; NELSON, B; Reinaldo Imbrozio Barbosa; KEIZER, E
2007Germination in four low-várzea tree species of Central AmazoniaAstrid Oliveira Wittmann; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Pia Parolin; Florian Wittmann